Project Scope:
Branding System
Design Research
The Electric Butcher is a locally owned butcher shop in Scranton, PA. Scranton is also known as “The Electric City” which refers to the Industrial Revolution when they became the first “electrified” city in the United States. Their mission is to be the most electric — to source the best, locally raised, healthy, meat in Pennsylvania. They also partner with small family owned farms and ranches in order to be a part of reducing agriculture’s negative impact on the environment.

Why so Electric?

The Electric Butcher emulates the pioneering spirit of
“The Electric City” as a way to set ourselves up to be the
premiere whole animal butchery in Scranton, because
being electric means being the first and the best!


I designed the logo to feel more contemporary than the original while also maintaining the vintage spirit. 

Color Palette

483 C
5605 C
7401 C
7567 C


Los Feliz Bold
Antonia Variable Bold


High Voltage Quality

High quality requires high voltage. Putting in the extra work to create striking results. 

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