Project Scope:
Design Research 
Art Direction
What I did:
Art Direction

Health Alliance for Austin Musicians is a Non Profit Organization dedicated to supporting the health of local musicians from Austin, Texas. This rebrand project is dedicated to capturing the heart of Austin, Texas: The Live Music Capital of the World.

Tools Used: Illustrator, Figma, Unsplash

Tristan Renteria: Art Direction, Logo, Social Media
Xavier Hernandez: Website
Alberto Berlanga: Design Research, Merchandise




Forma DJR Deck Medium & Bold


HAAM is the only non-profit organization that fosters community by connecting Austin musicians to accessible healthcare resources.

Red 0331 C

Set List:
Cool Gray 1 C

Band Tee:
Neutral Black C
Sound Check:
Warm Red C
359 C
7474 C

Current Logo

Proposed Logo
We decided to take a different approach to represent music. These shapes represent music sound bars and the Austin city skyline.

How do we show the community there is a sound worth caring for?

We make our musicians the center of attention in everything we do. Our visual direction strives for genuine, personable connections to our musicians while maintaining a bold, striking impact reflecting the music they play.

We used the polaroid picture shape to reinforce our concept. Placing a musician inside the framing device ensures the musician will be the focal point on the poster.

We added the artist’s signature to the poster as a way to recognize our musicians and create more personality. Using a polaroid communicates nostalgia and familiarity which will make our city feel more connected, and in turn will want to support our Austin musicians.

What does listening to your city look like?
Listening means understanding and digesting what has been heard. Listening leads us to action. Getting involved with the resources around us and being an active participant in the community are actions we are encouraging Austinites to make through our online platforms.

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